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For Roomy Luxury, The 2019 INFINITI Q70 Has Few Equals 2018-11-20

When it comes to luxury automobiles, the standard is no longer limited to pricey German sedans. Shaking up the segment and rewriting the book on luxury cars, INFINIITI will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about premium vehicles. From incredible performance to high-end amenities and comforts, the 2019 INFINITI Q70 is tough to beat, especially at this price point.

The 2019 INFINITI QX80, For When You Need To Please Everyone! 2018-10-31

Packed with advanced technology, breathtaking performance and luxurious details from front to back, the 2019 INFINITI QX80 is one outstanding SUV.

The 2019 INFINITI QX50 Is Now Here On Vancouver Island at Campus! 2018-08-22

Said to be the most advanced Infiniti ever, the 2019 INFINITI QX50 has arrived in Victoria at Campus Infiniti.

A Coupe Like No Other: The 2018 INFINITI Q60! 2018-07-26

Thinking about upgrading with your next vehicle? You may want to take a closer look at the Infiniti Q60. It packages everything you want in a luxury vehicle into one high performance coupe, without the high price tag.

The 2018 INFINITI QX80: Luxury Times 7 or 8! 2018-05-15

Oozing with luxurious comfort, the high performance 2018 Infiniti QX80 will have your large group travelling in style. Everything about it revolves around passenger comfort, even those back in the third row.

The All-New 2019 QX50, Coming Your Way in Summer 2018! 2018-04-17

Completely redesigned, the all-new 2019 INFINITI QX50 will hit showrooms this summer. Said to be the most advanced INFINITI yet, the new model will boast a groundbreaking new engine, advanced driver technologies and a driver-focused design.

The 2018 INFINITI QX60: Performance And Space 2018-03-20

Crossovers and SUVs are ubiquitous these days. More practical than a sedan, and available in a full range of price points, there is a utility vehicle seemingly for everyone. If a higher-end crossover with tons of space is more your speed, take a closer look at the 2018 INFINITI QX60, now in Victoria's favourite showroom at Campus Infiniti.

2019 INFINITI Q50: Big Magic in a Compact Package 2017-10-19

Offering outstanding performance and handling, the 2019 INFINITI Q50 stands out in a world of staid four-door sedans. This luxurious sports sedan is packed with features, and offers muscular performance as well as luxurious amenities.


A 2018 INFINITI QX30 vs 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA comparison reveals two premium luxury vehicles offering similar performance but with different price points.


Like what you see? It's the "new" QX50, which while implied as being new in the model's latest ad campaign, is merely a very  Photo: Karen Tuggay, Canadian Auto Press mild mid-cycle refresh behind its restyled front and rear clips, which also involved the North American adoption of a stretched version previously unavailable here. While we could beat up Infiniti for a lack of investment in this model that has only had minor changes over its eight-year lifecycle, or probably more accurately take a jab at Nissan for failing to adequately invest in Infiniti on the whole since inception of ...

2016 INFINITI QX70 ROAD TEST - REVIEW 2018-04-05

This is an SUV that turns heads. Truly, even while driving through a BMW dealership for some business I needed to attend to, their own people snapped their necks around to take a closer look while one gave me the nod of approval. I've always had a thing for the QX, even the first generation FX. I was in Phoenix, Arizona for the official launch of that wonderfully sporty ute and remember it vividly. The program was excellent, taking us high up South Mountain Park's lofty summit, which was good from a scenic perspective but daytime traffic limited many opportunities to ...