INFINITI's QX Inspiration Concept: A Gorgeous Peek at EVs of Tomorrow


Infiniti's first fully electric concept vehicle, the QX Inspiration gave us a glimpse of the EVs of tomorrow, and a peek in the direction the automaker is heading.

If you'd like to learn more about Infiniti's plans for the electric vehicles of tomorrow and the Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept in Victoria, visit Campus Infiniti. A team member would be happy to talk about the latest in EV technology, and what you can expect from Infiniti in their future line-up of electric-powered vehicles.

Design-wise, the Inspiration is futuristic-looking, as is to be expected. Designers have done away with the B-pillar, creating an elongated look. The design combines advanced aerodynamics with angled panels and powerful proportions. The QX Inspiration's roof is magnificent. It's louvered design allows light to stream throughout the cabin at just the right angle, while creating dynamic shadows. Smooth surfaces replace the front grille, with air being directed around the body.

Open the door to the passenger compartment, and you'll be greeted with ambient lighting, a welcome mat of sorts. This lighting produces a calming effect, working nicely with the gold tinted accents throughout the interior. Making it easier to enter and exit the vehicle, the front seats turn up to 30-degrees.

Inside, the centre-console has also vanished. Designers have made great use of the absence of a gasoline powertain, and the extra space now available.  Since there is no traditional transmission in this concept, there is no need for a central tunnel (and console sitting above); freeing up more interior space and creating a lounge-like interior. Instead, designers have replaced the console with a marble table that extends into the rear compartment. Rather than an instrument cluster, all information is displayed on screens, including a screen dedicated to the square-shaped steering wheel. The cabin is loaded with high-end materials exuding luxury in every detail.

Infiniti didn't offer specific details about the Inspiration's powertrain, although we do know that it features two electric motors, one for each axel, equipped with e-AWD. A high-capacity battery pack tucked under the floor will offer facilitate long distance driving, alleviating range anxiety.

Since future vehicles are likely to be self-driving, or even flying cars, we will need more ways to fill our time during the journey. This may explain why recent concepts have giant screens and living room-like interiors. We'll be relaxing, indulging in more screen time and probably eating with both hands while on the road in the future.

Concept cars are generally over styled and a little over the top in order to draw crowds and create buzz. We imagine that the Inspiration's design will be scaled back prior to production, but these vehicles are still exciting. We do know that Infiniti announced not too long ago that they expect to offer a full line-up of electrified vehicles by the year 2021,which is just around the corner.

A gorgeous blend of luxury and visionary technology, we cannot wait to see what the future brings. Learn more about Infiniti's QX Inspiration Concept in Victoria at Campus Infiniti.