The INFINITI QX Inspiration Gets its Big Premiere at the Detroit Auto Show


It's auto show season, and the biggest of them all, the North American International Auto Show in Detroit is where some of the biggest and most important splashes are made. From big announcements, to debuts of new vehicles, both real and imagined, these shows are pretty exciting.

At the close of last year's event in Detroit, Infiniti announced it's plans to launch electric versions of all of it's vehicles by 2021. This year, the automaker unveiled it's electric concept, the Infiniti QX Inspiration crossover; a small, electric SUV.

Incidentally, the auto manufacturer is also celebrating it's 30th anniversary, having launched the Infiniti brand at the same show in 1989.

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At first glance, the QX Inspiration prototype exudes a futuristic look, a common theme among electric vehicles. Since it's only a concept, the car's lines are merely an indication of where Infiniti is headed with the design of their EVs.

According to the automaker, this concept is named "QX Inspiration" because it serves as a muse for Infiniti's first all-electric vehicle. The company's President, Christian Meunier, had this to say:

"The QX Inspiration marks the beginning of a new generation of Infiniti cars and establishes a direct blueprint for the brand's first electric vehicle. Based on a new, dedicated electric vehicle architecture and inspired by Infiniti's Japanese DNA, the SUV concept previews a product portfolio which will offer high performance, ultra-low emissions and total range confidence."

Since the design of the new vehicles does not have to work around a combustion engine and it's components, designers have more freedom to experiment with cabin design and layout. The thought is that it will be re-imagined as a living room or mini lounge of sorts; a place to relax and perhaps be entertained. The cabin should be larger than what we would find in a typical car, with more open space.

The platform on which these electric vehicles will be built, will also support hybrid vehicles, which utilize a combination of gasoline engines and batteries.

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At this time, details are still to come. We do not know yet what plans Infiniti has in regards to the car's power, range or even the exact makeup of it's powertrain. What we do know is that we are living in very exciting times indeed.